Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday, May 9th

Alex and Spencer are 30 weeks gestationally today. I'm supposed to be staying positive, but I feel like all I can do tonight is worry. I visited twice today, once in the early afternoon and once this evening, and both times Alex appeared to be very tired. He didn't move around very much, didn't try to open his eyes, didn't respond when I spoke or sang to him. The nurse wasn't happy with his blood pressure this afternoon, and his urine output is low. He has me worried that something is wrong. A culture of the aspirates from his ET tube has been ordered to see if he has an infection, and he's getting a blood transfusion tonight. Maybe he'll perk up after the transfusion and I'm worrying for nothing. He finally did squeeze my finger a bit when the nurse was drawing blood, as if to say "I'm okay, Mommy. Stop worrying so much." I'm trying not to, baby bear, I really am.

I held Spencer again tonight and I swear he smiled at me when I was talking to him!

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