Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mischief and Milestones

Alex is a mischievous little guy! When I called his nurse this morning to see how he was doing she said he would NOT calm down for her. He was wide awake and moving all over the place. Then, while I was talking to her, she turned around and he was asleep! "Step away from the baby," she said. Ha! Tonight Alex was desatting (the percentage of oxygen in his blood was dropping below 85%) and his nurse decided to suction out his breathing tube to see if that would help. As soon as she turned off the ventilator his sats jumped to 94%, and when she started suctioning him they jumped to 100%. We had fun laughing at his little "game."

The doctors continue to wean Alex's ventilator settings, which means his lungs are working better and he's getting closer to getting off the "breathing machine." They haven't weighed him since last Monday, when his weight was 1250, which was probably a bit high because of fluid retention, but he is definitely bigger than Spencer. Even Spencer's primary nurse, Glenda, says so. His legs are chubby and cute.

More milestones for my froggy bottom boy, Spencer. Yesterday I arrived in his nursery to find him wearing clothes! What a surprise for Mommy! They had taken him off the heat sensor (one less wire attached to his body - yeah!) and put clothes on him to help him maintain his body temperature. He was wearing one of the hospital's outfits, so of course I got to work dressing him up in some of the clothes that were given to us by friends. I even put his "I Love You" socks on...and they fit! He was swimming in everything else, but he still looked adorable. Of course, within a couple hours Spencer had spit up on his shirt, so we had to change it. As of this evening he's gone through about four outfits. He's introducing me to the joy of baby laundry.

Today's big news for Spencer? He's officially gained a pound from his birth weight! 1 pound and 1/2 ounce, to be exact. As of this evening he is at 1145 grams, which is 2 lbs 8.5 oz.


Anonymous said...

Wish you all the best! I'm so happy the boys are better and better every day, I'm happy for you and I know they will make it!
I admire your optimism and you are so brave! God help you all and may your life next to your boys be wonderful! Love, Sorina

MIchele Martens said...

Heather I am glad the boys are doing so well!
Michele M