Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Alex Has ROP

I just got back from the hospital. Alex has Retinopathy of Prematurity, abnormal growth of the blood vessels that bring blood to the retina. If this abnormal growth continues the retinas could detach, which means he would go blind. Bleeds and the formation of scar tissue are also concerns. He will have laser surgery tomorrow morning to try to stop the growth. The doctors will know in a few weeks if it was successful. His eyes will be watched very closely over the years. There is always a chance of retinal detachment later in life. His vision could be affected even if the laser surgery successfully stops the growth.

Alex has been through so much, and overcome so much. I'm just trying to believe that he is going to be fine. His reinastimosis surgery is on hold at the moment. We need a lot of prayer, positive energy, and good thoughts.

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Beth Allen said...

I'm sending positive vibes your way for Alex's laser surgery!! Austin had Stage 3 PLUS and had both eyes lasered and Lucas had Stage 3 in his right eye and had it lasered. Austin wears glasses now (but won't keep them on!). Both have great vision. This is such a difficult time for you, and you will get through it. I know how hard it is, stay strong, and NEVER lose faith!!
Beth ((hugs))