Thursday, July 07, 2005

Miniature Milk-Eating Monsters

Well, Spencer's hernia surgery was cancelled. The surgeon had two emergencies this morning so he didn't have time for Spence. I have no idea when it will get done, nor do I know when Spencer will be coming home again. We're just hanging out waiting for the results of the apnea study, I guess.

Alex is coming home Saturday. The equipment supply company rep came to the hospital today to show me how to use the oxygen and monitor. I changed his ostomy bag once last night and hope to get a chance to do it again before we go home. We're rooming in at the hospital tomorrow night so that I have a chance to deal with everything with nurses close at hand. My sister is rooming in with us, thank God. I want someone else in the family to know how everything works, and I trust my sister implicitly. I just have to say how thankful I am that she is here for us, and how much I appreciate her husband loaning her to me for the night (they have all six of their kids at home right now!).

I forgot to mention yesterday that a couple of the nurses who were watching Alex breastfeed yesterday said "I've never seen a preemie breastfeed like that!". I'm proud of him, and I've given him a new nickname (one I'm sure he won't appreciate when he gets older): the in: "The Booby-Monster awaketh." He wakes up half an hour before his feeds and screams until he's fed. The boy has a bottomless stomach. He would sacrifice sleep to eat, whereas his brother would sacrifice eating to sleep. The minimum Spencer needs to take at each feeding is 45 ml and he takes just that....not a drop more! It's as if he knows and says "Okay, I've satisfied the requirement. Now let me get back to my sleeping."

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