Sunday, July 10, 2005

Alexander's Homecoming

On Saturday, July 9th, after 100 days in the NICU, Alexander Christian came home. He is such a good baby, a great eater with a steady schedule. Grandma is spoiling him with lots of cuddling (she says she's making up for all the time he couldn't be held, and who can blame her?). He's on oxygen and a monitor but is doing great. I am exhausted. We roomed in Friday night at the hospital and I didn't sleep much on the uncomfortable "bed" there. It's taken me some time to discover that I can't just feed Alex and put him back in bed at night. He wants to be held until he falls asleep or swaddled very tightly so that his paci won't fall out of his mouth. Hopefully tonight we'll both sleep a little more soundly. Last night he slept laying on my chest for a couple hours. We both slept great that way, but I can't get into that habit. I have another baby who'll be home soon!

Speaking of that other baby, Spencer is doing really well. He is waking up before his feedings now and taking more than his minimum of 45 ml. His nurses are saying that he is much more interactive and alert this weekend than he was last weekend after being readmitted. Hopefully he'll be coming home soon, too. Then I can really kiss sleep goodbye for awhile!

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Just Me said...

Yippeeeee! so happy for you!!