Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wednesday, April 20th

Spencer has finally opened his eyes! He is up to 7 ml of breast milk every 3 hours and is handling it well, other than a little bit of reflux, which is what seems to be causing the occasional dips in his blood-oxygen saturation level. He has calmed down a lot now that he is on a conventional ventilator and is in an isolette. He even seems to enjoy my touch now. When he's laying on his belly (which seems to be his favorite position) I can lay my hand across his back. It's like a blanket for him and his back is so soft and warm (I love the feeling). He actually seems irritated when I take my hand away, whereas he used to seem irritated if I touched him. He has gained about 5 1/2 oz. over his birth weight, and I definitely can see that he's grown.

Alex continues to do well recovering from his surgery. They began feeding him again early yesterday morning, and he is up to 3 ml every 3 hours. His ostomy bag is full of healthy stool, a great sign, and he's tolerating his feeds well. He is still on the oscillating ventilator (the doctors seem to want to take things slowly with him) but his settings are continually being weaned down. I hope to see him switched over soon so he can be put in an isolette. It's a much better environment for them.

The feelings of uselessness, as though I'm not really taking care of my babies, are frustrating. It helps when the nurses let me change their diapers or take their temperature. I remind myself that by pumping my breath milk seven times a day I am doing something to take care of them. But I'm anxious to hold them, and I really want to take them home so I can be their mommy.


Emma said...

Heather - We are all thinking of you- thank you for setting up the blog, you are in my thoughts....
Emma Mc

Michele Martens said...

Heather, my prayers for you and your boys; you have greath strength that will get you through this. You are a great mom already.

Michele from Lally

Anonymous said...

Hey Heatha'

i am happy that things are well with you. i think of your boys all the time, and i know they will be just fine with all the love they are receiving from you and your family.


Laurie said...

Hi heather,

I'm so happy that things a going well for the babies. there in my prayers everyday. I'm sure you'll be able to hold them soon. take care of yourself also. they need you to be healthy also.


kathy parsley said...

Hi Heather,
Those boys are doing really well. They are so cute. I am so sorry that we haven't had a chance to meet yet but we will soon. You are in my prayers. Keep up the positive attitude, you've all come so far.
Kathy Parsley