Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday, April 26th

I received a call today from one of Alex's NICU doctors informing me that he is going to need another surgery. His PDA (patent ductus arteriosus), which carries a fetus' blood from one blood vessel to another and normally closes before birth, was open when he was born (common among premies). He was given medication to close it after his birth, but it has since reopened. The result is fluid in his lungs and a lack of adequate blood supply to his intestines, which he needs for proper digestion.

Alex is stable and does not appear to be sick. He will not be fed breast milk again until after he has recovered from the surgery. The surgery will take place Thursday. Alex needs lots of thoughts, prayers, and positive energy sent to him right now, and I could really use an extra dose of peace and tranquility. No matter how rational I am, thinking of my tiny little baby undergoing surgery sends arrows of fear straight through my heart.

Some good news for the day: Alex was switched to a conventional ventilator. It's less jarring than the oscillating vent, which seems to be better for these tiny babies who are sensitive to too much stimulation. Spencer was weighed today and is 930 grams. That's just over 2 pounds!

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