Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two Times Four

On Sunday I finally got to meet Jennifer. Her boys are 10 days older than Alex and Spencer. We met through a twins listserv back when our guys were itty bitty, then discovered that we're both bloggers. We live about two hours away from each other, so we met in between for some shopping and fun. It was so good to finally meet her and her family. I think she and I kindred spirits. I love reading her blog; she's an amazing writer with a great wit. Check it out!

(I'll add pictures later. For some reason I'm having trouble uploading them tonight. Sigh...)

1 comment:

JLC said...

It was wonderful to meet you guys!! We had a great, great day. Looking forward to the next visit very much.

Perhaps one sans kids? A night on the town could be a LOT of fun!!!