Thursday, August 03, 2006

Alex is crawling everywhere now and is pulling up to kneeling on toys and the bookshelf. He's grabbing books off the shelf and toys out of the toy bins, just like Spencer. I'm truly amazed at how quickly he's progressing. I believe having this big, safe space to roam in has really helped both boys' physical development.
7.26.06 015
Rock n roll, baby, yeah!

Alex's "kissing" of his brother has gotten a little out of control. He gets Spencer in a headlock and slobbers (and I suspect bites) all over his head. Spencer does NOT like it, rightfully so. I have to pull Alex off, tell him "no," and try to explain that Spencer doesn't want him to do that and that that's why he's crying. He doesn't get it yet, but someday he will. Ah, it's the onset of having to repeat oneself indefinitely: one of the many joys of parenthood.

Spencer is pulling up to standing a lot now. He really wants to be vertical more than anything. I think I saw the beginning of cruising today, but there was a toy in his way and after I moved it he just wanted me to pick him up. He's been that way lately; he cries until I pick him up, then he's happy until I put him back down again. If I'm sitting on the floor he doesn't do it; somehow if I'm on his level he's okay. Spencer has been such a ham lately. My niece said something so funny about him last week; I wish I had written it down. It was something like "Spencer got the baby handbook and he's learning all the tricks in it." Yes, he knows he's cute.
Spencer Fighting Bedtime
Spencer fighting bedtime

Yesterday I took a video clip of Spencer riding the rocking horse by himself. He's learned to bounce himself up and down without assistance. I sing the Lone Ranger theme music while they ride. After Spencer gracefully a lit from his steed (fell off backward on his head) I had him on my lap and was showing him the video clip. He started bouncing himself up and down on my knee. It was adorable!

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