Thursday, August 31, 2006

Alex is Amazing

Two weeks ago Alex began to pull up to standing when I held his hands. A week later he pulled himself up to stand in his crib (I had to move the mattress down right at bedtime!). Today he began taking steps when I held his hands, high steps like he was really trying to walk, not little foot shuffles. Tonight he went up four stairs in a row on his own! He is learning so fast and getting stronger every day. He watches everything Spencer does and wants to do it all. The funny thing is, Spencer doesn't take steps like Alex was taking today.

When Alex and Spencer were in the NICU one of Alex's primary nurses (Debbie, who I adore and miss) said she thought Alex would go home before Spencer. I thought she was crazy, what with all the challenges Alex had had and Spencer having had very few. Spencer did come home first, but promptly returned to the NICU because of an apnea. Guess which baby came home for good first: Alex! He has always and continues to beat the odds, to disprove what the nurses, doctors, and therapists forecast for him. I pray that all the parents of preemies out there who are so scared by the statistics would reject negativity and BELIEVE that their child can and will be a miracle. Though Alex's prognosis was very bleak when he was born I always stayed positive, as did the many friends, family, and even strangers who were praying for him and Spencer. I truly believe that all the positive, healing energy that was sent to them is in large part why they are here today, whole and healthy.

Alex Stands

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Danielle Meehan (Mom) said...

Thank you for such a positive and glowing post. As the mom of a preemie, it's easy to fall into the trap of stats and scary predictions. We should remember that they're all little miracles and they've been beating the odds since birth. Thanks!