Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Anyone who remembers Nickelodeon's '80's show "Turkey Television" might be able to appreciate the song I was singing to the boys this evening as I was preparing their dinner. Alex is sometimes bothered by loud noises, and I could tell tonight that he wasn't too sure about the sound that the Zyliss chopper was making as I pounded on it to cut up their pasta. To alleviate his nervousness I did what I often do when one of the boys is upset. I started singing:

My mommy, she went downtown
She bought some spaghetti
She brought it home
Now she's chopping spaghetti
Chopping spaghetti
Chopping spaghetti
Chopping spaghetti

Thank you
Dana Carvey, Nickelodeon, and Turkey TV for giving me a song I'll never forget and can even pass on to my children!

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Just Me said...

HAHAHAHAAAAA! That is great! I had forgotten that!!