Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Alex and Spencer are now one year old corrected. Yesterday was my due date. They are still behind where they should be even for their corrected age, but they are making progress every day. Alex has started creeping. He's getting into the toy bins. I can't trust him without gates anymore. I was beginning to feel like he'd never get to this point, but here he is, and every day he goes a little further.

We had a little carrot cake with the boys' therapists yesterday to celebrate their due date. The boys made such a mess that they ended up having the rest of their therapy session in the bathtub. They loved it. I hope they're not going to expect that every week!

Last week the boys went to the pediatrician for their 15 month check-up. Alex weighs 20 pounds, and Spencer is at 16. They are both growing at a good rate and are healthy. We don't go back for another three months, and then that's it. No more well baby checkups, and no more shots for awhile.

Spencer now has 3 teeth and is working on a fourth. Alex has five and is working on a sixth. Alex gets to go to the dentist earlier than most children. His teeth have come in discolored because of all the medications he's been on, but that's not a cause for concern. The problem is that he has a receding gum line on the bottom. His gums look like they are barely holding his teeth in. The boys get their teeth brushed after breakfast and dinner (if I remember). They seem to love it (I think it tickles them).

Alex's favorite new trick is fake crying. There's just one problem with his little act: he smiles while doing it. I look at him and say "What's wrong?" and there's this little indication of a smile on his face while he's screaming. I tell him "You can't smile and cry at the same time. It doesn't work. People won't believe you," and then he just breaks out in a smile. He hasn't given up trying, though.

Spencer is crawling and climbing everywhere. He's always falling and bumping himself. He cries, but then gets up and tries again. He even loves to crawl around in the bathtub, and doesn't mind getting his face wet. He's my little froggy.

I had a yard sale and freecycled a lot of things last week. The house is getting more cleaned up and organized. It finally feels like our little family is getting settled into our home. Family...home...I am blessed.

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Jill said...

Hi Heather!!!
My how they have grown! The boys we once knew are now little men - hehe - I look at Olivia each day and know I was blessed with a miracle, just as you! Glad to see everything is going well. Talk to you soon!!!
Your NICU friend :)