Sunday, March 20, 2005


I'm not so sure about the name Samuel. I love the name Sam, and my family really likes it, too, but it's awfully popular. It's 30th on the top 100 list. I've liked the name Asher for years, and love the nickname Ash. It means happy, cheerful. I also like the name Allan. I don't think most people will like that, but I do. It means cheerful, harmony (the musical meaning is attractive to me). A name starting with Al- would also be a nod to my mom, whom I really wanted to name a little girl after. People would definitely call him Al. Could I handle that? At least it would make me think of Paul Simon: "I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me, you can call me Al." When he's little we can even call him Ally. I don't care; it's cute. Decisions, decisions. People keep saying I'll change my mind many times before I give birth.

At least I know Spencer is Spencer!

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Rebecca said...

Well, I like Allan, and I think the nickname Al is fine. One of my best friends at work is an Al. So maybe I just associate good things with that name. :-) I think I like it even more than Sam. I definatly like it a lot more than Asher. That's just not my style at all, but don't let me stop you! I really like the practical, nice, manly names you have been choosing.