Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The boys and I went on a long walk tonight. That is to say, I walked and pushed about 80 pounds of kids and stroller around town. We walked past a lot of old houses and one in particular caught my eye. I was standing on the side of the road admiring it when I suddenly realized where we were: right around the corner from our house. I drive by that old brick house all the time and I've never noticed it before. You see so much more when you walk. This is why I would rather hike than ride a mountain bike or an ATV, a topic about which I've had many conversations in the past.

We got caught in a rain shower when we were down by the river, about a ten minute walk from our house. I got soaked. The boys got rained on from the knees down. It was fun! The boys seemed so happy and relaxed by the time we got home. There's nothing like being outdoors to sooth one's spirit.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Heather... I don't know if you will remember me from the twinslist or not... but I was on there, not as much as I was when I was prego, too busy now. But I still frequent it. I couldn't find your blog for some reason, until I was reading a comment you left on Jenn's page, and then I followed that... well anyway... I found you. I'm glad I did. I enjoy reading about you and your lil' men. ;) take care!