Friday, October 06, 2006

Okay, they're at it again. They're telling me in their own little way that they're going to be just fine. I was starting to worry about language development. Everything I read says that by 14 months (their corrected age) they should have at least 3 words that they use regularly. Well, Alex and Spencer don't have any need to say "Mama" because I'm the only one here. They know that if they cry I'll come. They've said "Mama," but they don't use it regularly. I talked to their therapists this week about having them evaluated for language, just to make sure everything is okay. I've been paying a lot of attention to their speech, and I'm starting to notice that they repeat words. Alex says "that" and has even said some form of "Can I have that?". Spencer repeated "uh oh" several times this morning and also repeated "up" once when I said it to him. Add all this to Alex saying "ball" on Monday and I'm just reminded that I have nothing to worry about.

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